Beauty on your fingertips

To satisfy the customer and know their needs is the big goal of Dompel, which for more than 30 years doesn’t measure effort to attend its customers, always keeping updated about the latest trends in the market of beauty professionals.
Dompel has been expanding its activity area to domestic and foreign markets with a wide range of furniture for beauty salons.
With its own die shop, Dompel develops and manufactures all its molds, taking special care with the finishes of all its products, than guaranteeing its excellence of quality in every detail.

Dompel Design

The design, for Dompel, means much more than creating products with “a beautiful aspect”. The Dompel Design process aims at content and excellence in the development of your products.
Design has many definition. One of them says that Design is a creative process such is a problem solving process. Solving problems for Dompel means continuous innovation, from creating a new product to improvement of one that already exists.
Dompel takes product creation so seriously that it keeps a team constantly engaged in gathering market information about new trends in Brazil and worldwide. That's why Dompel always launches news!
Always connected and attentive to its public, Dompel is incessantly searching for DIFFERENTIAL to its products. This innovation attitude shows respect and ethics to its public and to other companies in the industry.
Design at Dompel means imagine, design and make feasible the manufacture of beautiful, comfortable, useful and durable products that meet the needs and desires of customers. The company follows the idea that products with the minimum environmental impact respect the nature and promote a better quality of life.

Dompel Design. Creativity, innovation and beauty on your fingertips.